Without a cable, the phone can easily screen onto the computer

The small screen can be displayed on the large screen device by projecting the screen from the mobile phone to the computer. Traditional screen, usually need to use the data line, here to teach you, a few mobile phone wireless screen to the computer, can maintain HD and smooth.

  1. IPhone screen

It’s easy to drop down “Control Center,” tap “Screen image,” search for your computer device, and tap directly to connect.

However, this method only supports the screen projection from an iPhone to a Mac or Apple TV. If you want to achieve cross-system screen projection, you still need to rely on other professional screen projection software.

  1. Android screen

This method is suitable for win10 above the system, the premise is: mobile phone and computer in the same WiFi network. Then press the key combination “Win+I” to open the Windows Settings Panel and click to enter “System”.

Then in the left menu bar, find “Project to this computer” and enable the system to receive the projection Settings. (If not, check whether the computer driver is installed and updated)

Then find the screen projection function in the mobile phone. Take Huawei mobile phone as an example, open “Settings” – “More connections” – “Mobile screen projection”, open “wireless screen projection”, and search for nearby computer devices.

The above wireless projection screen content to this, you also come to have a try!