A detailed solution to the problem of not being able to find a TV in the Apple screen image search for mobile phone mirroring

Why can’t I find TV devices in the Apple phone mirror?

Firstly, we need to clarify that the Airplay screen image of Apple phones can only be projected onto televisions that support the Airplay protocol; Sony has signed an Airplay agreement with Apple, so some of the new TVs released this year can be searched, but the previous TVs are still not supported.

Secondly, for mobile phone screen projection TV, it is necessary to have the phone and TV in the same network environment, such as plugging in an internet cable to the TV and connecting the phone to the same router’s WIFI.

A detailed solution to the inability to search for TV through screen mirroring

1. Projection software. Now, Du Niang, all kinds of screen projection software are like cabbage on the roadside, making you dizzy. As for whether it’s easy to use, who knows who uses it. The usage is also relatively simple. Install and download the same software on both your phone and TV, and then use a single account.

2. Wireless screen projector. As a professional cross screen device, the Bijie wireless screen projector is often used for screen projection in business conference rooms or smart classrooms. It’s not as good as using software to provide free shipping for dozens of yuan online.

Using Bijie Box Wireless Projector, Apple Screen Mirror for TV Projection

1. Connect the wireless screen projector receiver box to the TV through an HDMI cable

2. Open WIFI directly on the Apple phone and connect to the AP hotspot of the wireless projector box

3. Open the screen mirror on the phone, select the ID of the wireless screen projection box, and complete the screen projection.

In this mode, projecting local content on an iPhone does not consume data, but projecting other network resources such as browsing the internet or watching TV on the phone will consume data. Special reminder: It also consumes twice the amount of data as usual when using a mobile internet connection. Previously, some netizens were worried that screen mirroring would consume twice the amount of data. This is a special statement.

Insert the wireless screen projection box into the internet cable, connect the phone to the router WIFI, open the screen mirror on the phone, select the ID of the wireless screen projection box, and project the screen. In this mode, there will be no consumption of mobile data, so you can use it with confidence.