AirPlay Method of mirroring a screen to a TV

  1. Place your iPhone and smart TV on the same LAN.
  2. The smart TV is connected to the “TVhome” LAN. If this setting is not completed in advance, the following operations will not be successful.
  3. In the “AirPlay” option interface, query the TV device you want to connect and click the ID of the smart TV to automatically connect.
  4. Return to the “Control interface”, you can see that the original location of “AirPlay” has become the name of the cool TV device, which proves that the connection is successful. The screen is successfully cast.

How to use iphone airplay?

The iPhone uses AirPlay mirroring to project the screen onto the TV. Steps:

  1. Connect your iPhone to wifi.
  2. Connect the TV to the same wireless WIFI, and you need to confirm that it is the same router to smoothly project the screen.
  3. In the startup screen of iphone, quickly swipe up the phone from the bottom of the phone, pull out the control panel, and click Airplay.
  4. Scan connected devices connected to the same WIFI, and click on the TV to connect.

5, “Control interface”, the TV name appears, then you can play video on the iphone, projection screen to the TV.