airplay projection, where is the airplay set? How to use airplay?


airplay are wireless projection functions on Apple IOS devices. They are mainly used to project the contents of our iPhones and iPads to large screen devices such as TVs – of course, your playback devices should also support airplay. It mainly provides the following functions:

① put photos and videos on Apple phones or tablets on TV;

② transfer music on IOS devices directly to TV, airport express or speakers supporting airplay.

③ share the screen image on the mobile phone to the TV.

where is apple airplay set?


because airplay delivers pictures and sounds through the network, IOS devices, TVs and other devices need to be connected to the WiFi network at the same time – Apple’s own Apple TV is of course the best device, but it has been proved that domestic TV boxes and smart TVs can also support airplay function (if not, you can connect to our box).

after confirming that your receiving terminal supports it, connect your IOS device (the system requires more than ios7) and TV box to the unified WiFi environment, and call out the control center, and you will find the [airplay] icon option. After clicking to enter, iPhone / iPad and receiving device will be displayed on the general menu. Click to complete the launch connection. It should be noted that IOS devices and receiving devices must be in the same WiFi network.

how to use airplay? Mirror projection

① on your IOS device, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to call up [control center], and click [airplay];

② select the delivered equipment in [airplay] and click [screen image];

③ if the airplay password appears on the TV screen at this time, enter the password on the IOS device. In general, the TV will mirror the projection with the screen direction and aspect ratio of IOS devices.