Apple iPad screen Windows PC method

Because the screen image of Apple devices has always been a function of multi-screen interaction between its own products, which is incompatible with Android and Windows systems, it is necessary to use media, screen projection software or screen projection device.

Screen projection software

Just install software on your computer and tablet, such as screen projector, Bijie screen… Wait, these days, screen software is like cabbage, there are free, there are fees, just the effect, you like good.

  1. Install the must-get projection screen on the mobile phone and TV;
  2. Make sure your phone and TV are connected to the same WiFi;
  3. Open the mobile APP and scan the code in front of the TV;
  4. The receiving end confirms the connection, and the screen projection succeeds.

Screen projector

Wireless projection screen as a professional cross-screen device, just need to connect the receiver box to the computer through the HDMI cable, and then open the “Control Center” on Apple iPad, you can see the “screen image”, click it will appear the name of the wireless projection device that can be connected, click it to connect successfully.

Whether you have a smart TV or an older, non-smart TV, or you only have a computer monitor, the Beitjet Wireless Screen Projector wirelessly projects the contents of your phone or laptop.

  1. Use an HDMI cable to connect the Bijie interactive box to the monitor or TV;
  2. Open the wireless projection function of the mobile phone or laptop to search the ID of the interactive box of Bijie;
  3. After searching, click Connect. After connecting, you can wirelessly project the contents of your mobile phone or laptop to your TV or monitor.