In one national survey of pre-K-12 teachers, 74% said that classroom and instructional technologies are extremely important or very important. Among these technologies, the front-of-room display plays a critical role.

The use of interactive and collaborative technology in the classroom has become prevalent in active learning. Many technologies play a part – Chromebooks, iPads, huddle stations and more. Delivering the ability to display computer content to an entire room plus the ability to annotate content directly on screen, interactive displays such as a digital whiteboard represents a transformative shift in the way students and teachers can interact with information as well as with one another.

Help Teachers Prepare

Designed for easy, intuitive use by all ages and abilities, the smartphone/tablet-like interface makes teachers feel familiar and fun to operate, eliminating lengthy learning curves. Featured functions include a variety of writing, drawing, and multimedia tools.

Help Teachers Present

Whether it is wireless or complex wired network, the solutions provide a stable connection with superb display quality. Offering manageable content sharing capabilities, users can broadcast their screen images from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Chrome devices.

Help Students Participate

With multi-screen mirroring and multi-touch capabilities, teachers are able to turn lectures into group activities in an instant. Multi-screen mirroring gives participants an overview while multi-touch enables users to annotate on the display simultaneously; thus, increases student engagement.




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