Bijie box mirror mode from one screen to multiple screens, to meet the multi-screen requirements of various scenes

The mirror mode applies to scenarios

  1. Enterprise education and publicity

Multiple screens can be mirrored to synchronize corporate or educational content by using the wallpaper wheel casting function.

  1. Multiple screens on mobile phones and computers

The BJ62s box can be set to mirror mode in advance, so that multiple screens will synchronize the projection content when the phone and computer are projecting the screen, which is convenient and intuitive.

  1. Corporate meetings

The meeting content is displayed on multiple screens in mirroring mode, facilitating viewing during the meeting and improving meeting efficiency.

  1. Intelligent education

By copying the content of the main screen of the classroom to the secondary screen of the students in the mirror mode, the students can view the teaching content more clearly and improve the learning efficiency.

  1. Used for shopping mall advertising

The large screen on the shopping mall is used in the mirror mode, and the advertising content is displayed synchronously, so that the advertising can be seen on each floor, reducing the labor cost and management cost.

Benefits of using mirror mode:

  1. Larger display area. After the contents of one device are copied to other devices in mirroring mode, multiple monitors can display the same picture, making viewing clearer and more intuitive.
  2. When used for teaching, the teacher’s main screen can be copied to the group screen for the same screen display, which is convenient for the teacher to share courseware and improve teaching efficiency.
  3. In large meetings, it facilitates participants to see the meeting content and improves the meeting efficiency.