BiJie is the world’s leading manufacturer of wireless screen projection/wireless display/wireless mirror/wireless screencast products.It can support up to four user projection screens at the same time. It supports such screen projection protocols as Airplay, Miracast, DLNA, WIDI, BJCast and can provide SDK packages.

SKYWORTH 55h90 is a brand-new flagship social smart screen of audio and painting launched in the second half of 2019. The product not only has a high appearance value and excellent performance of audio and painting, but also carries Skyworth sky eye camera independently developed by Skyworth, which combines TV and social networking. It can be described as a smart screen with attractive force. At present, the price of this machine is only 3999 yuan. Interested friends can learn more about it.

    According to the author, Skyworth 55h90 has a strong sense of science and technology in the appearance design. The whole machine adopts the ultra-thin metal integrated body design, with an ultimate screen proportion of 98.6%, a full-scale screen without frame, and a BM edge of only 5.9mm. It also shows an excellent design grade. The floating golden bridge type base is equipped with intelligent voice controlled breathing lamp, which is not damaged by the Tibetan blue transparent sound screen plus the elegant gold linear design of the middle frame It also improves the appearance value of 55h90 to a level, which is quite fashionable.

SKYWORTH 55h90 flagship social smart screen

Against the background of fashionable appearance, Skyworth 55h90 is also equipped with sky-vision super image quality chip, which is independently researched and developed. It is deeply adjusted from five dimensions, improving the image quality performance of 55h90 to a higher level. The chip also helps RGB color calibration, optical control imaging technology, ultra clear image processing, intelligent noise analysis and other technologies to further optimize image quality performance. At the same time, Skyworth 55h90 has also obtained the optical anti blue light technology certified by TUV of Rhine, Germany, which can effectively reduce the blue light damage by 72%. Users do not need to worry about vision damage while enjoying the high-quality picture quality, bringing more healthy and amazing visual enjoyment.

The sound performance is also a bright spot of Skyworth 55h90 smart screen. On the basis of ensuring the appearance, all the sound generating units are directly facing forward, with two channel design and six sound generating units. Combined with the lossless navy blue transparent sound curtain, the treble is not blocked and the sound is more transparent. In addition, it also adopts the pre Dolby professional certified sound, supports Dolby panoramic sound effect, and has built-in Dolby panoramic sound special area content to create a full range of theater level sound effect experience. Users can intuitively feel the upgrading of sound quality, and 360 ° stereo surround sound effect can also restore the view of Hollywood scene to the greatest extent.

    On the other hand, in terms of configuration, Skyworth 55h90 smart screen is equipped with 2 + 64g industry super flagship configuration and customized dual architecture CPU. The 64 bit processor driven by four cores provides strong hardware support for image quality processing, audio performance and system operation. All operations are completed in seconds without any unpleasant problems such as Caton, which will bring more smooth experience to users.

    In terms of resources, Skyworth 55h90 smart screen, together with Baidu, Tencent, iqiyi and Dolby, has jointly built a smart video entertainment center. A large number of resource databases avoid switching between different video software. Users only need to use one platform at 55h90 to harvest multi platform resources. The whole time of startup is focused on video and audio enjoyment, further optimizing the user experience.

SKYWORTH 55h90 not only brings rich content enjoyment to users, but also realizes AI far-field voice control within 10 meters under the support of full ecological AI intelligent control platform. Users can get rid of the shackles of remote control and completely free their hands. At the same time, the 55h90 can be connected with more than 5000 kinds of brand-new home appliances, and the TV becomes the home control center, bringing a new experience to the user’s smart social home life.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Skyworth is also working with Tencent to create the function of family and friends circle. The QQ binding of mobile phone can be dialed. The communication between relatives and friends is no longer limited to the small screen of mobile phone. Skyworth provides more possibilities for the warm communication between relatives and friends. The large screen with high proportion enables users to gain a more enjoyable video call experience.

Combined with the above comprehensive performance of Skyworth 55h90 smart screen, we can see that this TV, while taking into account the TV performance and audio-visual performance, focuses on the social level. Through “social + smart screen”, it injects fresh blood into the TV industry with serious homogeneity, and also brings a new experience for users’ viewing and entertainment. At present, the price of the machine is only 3999 yuan, which is also very affordable. It’s worth owning.