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As the national novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak is at a critical stage, more and more provinces and cities are delayed in the 2020 spring semester. Recently, according to the development of the epidemic situation, all kinds of schools in Jiangsu Province will not open before the end of February. In order not to delay the normal learning progress of students, the school leaders of Qidong No.1 Middle School in Jiangsu Province carefully arranged the implementation plan of “air classroom” online teaching at the first time, and helped students to complete the learning tasks orderly and efficiently during the extended opening period by sharing the cloud classroom freely and intelligently, so as to truly achieve “no suspension of classes”.

Qidong No. 1 middle school in Jiangsu Province is a new boarding high school based on the integration of teachers from three schools. The school pays attention to the traditional teaching and training of Arts and Sciences, at the same time, it has created a multi-channel training and transportation mode of talents. In addition to the specialty class, it has also set up a distinctive “Korean class”, which has delivered a large number of talents at home and abroad.

According to statistics, there are 53 classes in three grades in Qidong No. 1 high school, each class has about 50 students, and the number of high school students is up to more than 3000. According to the calculation of 6-8 normal classes from senior one to senior three, the senior high school department is faced with the curriculum pressure of nearly 400 classes every day.

In the novel coronavirus infection before the enormous pressure of pneumonia epidemic, in the face of the new semester postponed, how to ensure that these 3000 students every day nearly 400 sessions of the progress of the curriculum is not affected? Leaders of Qidong No.1 Senior High School attach great importance to this. After careful consideration and investigation, they decided to use the online teaching mode of Huichang Zhixiang cloud classroom during the outbreak period, so as to ensure that teachers and students can not leave school without teaching and can not stop learning.

Time is tight and task is heavy. In order to ensure that the teaching progress is not affected and to maximize the teaching effect, the school managers participated in the education technology group to quickly carry out actions, set up a special service operation team, communicate and coordinate day and night. Under the leadership of the leading group of Qidong No. 1 middle school, each teacher fought for the front line of online teaching.

Huichang Zhixiang cloud classroom adopts a small class teaching method, with one class and one account, and teachers take turns to take classes according to the curriculum. For some teachers who teach several classes at the same level at the same time, cloud classroom can also support the development of 200-300 people’s interactive courses.

In consideration of the teaching effect, the school adopted the method of small-scale test first and then large-scale coverage. At the beginning, only one class was tested and used. Due to the good effect, in less than three days, Huichang Zhixiang cloud class covered all courses of 53 classes in Qidong No.1 middle school.

An old teacher, who has been teaching for nearly ten years, praised continuously after watching the course in the wisdom seeking cloud classroom. He said: “the classroom is not a teacher’s play alone, and the essence of classroom teaching is the interaction between teachers and students. Online classroom is a new thing, which has never been used in such a large scale in schools before. To a certain extent, this face-to-face online teaching method is very similar to offline classroom physical classroom teaching. Students can ask questions in class and teachers can answer them in person. “

Not only teachers, parents in watching the whole process of children’s online learning, but also to eliminate all kinds of anxiety since the suspension. They have expressed that after online classes are opened, children can hear teachers as before, and interact with teachers and students. The difference between online classes and offline classes is very small, even saving the time cost of children on the way to and from school, and improving the learning efficiency.

Huichang Zhixiang cloud classroom also supports real-time audio and video interaction, screen sharing, whiteboard interaction, courseware display, pen marking, hands up speech, text message and other functions, which realizes the “face-to-face” remote real-time class for teachers and students, restores the offline classroom teaching atmosphere environment to the greatest extent, and ensures the real-time interaction between students and teachers. Teachers can take full care of every one Students’ mastery of knowledge avoids the phenomenon of “one size fits all” in teaching content.

Compared with online live classes, interactive small classes have longer learning cycle, stronger real-time interaction, and more open and transparent. It is more conducive to take care of the learning rhythm of the students. The teacher leads the way. While receiving the knowledge, the students think about it, ask questions to the teacher at any time, solve the learning problems in real time, and achieve a more efficient learning effect.

In addition to the advantages of the product itself, the backstage security work also makes users feel at ease.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the classroom, the technical support team provides special personnel on-site service, and always pays attention to the classroom situation. In view of the problems such as abnormal web page display and video jam, the technicians responded in the first time and checked the problems in the background remotely and in real time until the problems were solved. The staff laughed and joked, “we hold every project meeting every day to keep track of the progress. After 2 a.m., it’s as common as eating after work.” All these efforts and efforts are just for every child to be able to attend classes in this special period.

In the era of “Internet plus”, air classroom is a deep integration of Internet and teaching. School leaders said that with the air class, the children of all grades, especially the graduating class, will be able to have a full and meaningful holiday.

At the same time, the school especially thanked Huichang education for its efforts, including the pre class operation training prepared by Huichang education for school teachers, as well as the full online technical support for the smooth implementation of the air classroom, in order to ensure the smooth completion of the teaching progress of school teachers. In fact, the operation of Huichang Intelligent Cloud classroom is very simple. Most of the teachers and students directly start according to the simple operation guidance, and the class starts smoothly without a centralized training.

During the epidemic, as of today, Huichang education has provided free online teaching accounts for more than 1000 schools across the country. This number is still growing. In addition to the free use of the platform, Huichang education also provides technical support and human support to ensure the smooth progress of teaching and learning in all schools. In the future, Huichang education will go hand in hand with schools all over the world, looking forward to the arrival of spring!