BiJie is the world’s leading manufacturer of wireless screen projection/wireless display/wireless mirror/wireless screencast products.It can support up to four user projection screens at the same time. It supports such screen projection protocols as Airplay, Miracast, DLNA, WIDI, BJCast and can provide SDK packages.We judge that the big screen has entered the social age. On August 19, at the S7 Super Experience Conference of Haixin Social TV held in Beijing, Wang Wei, vice president of Haixin Electric Appliances, said that Haixin currently has more than 45 million Internet TV active users worldwide. In China alone, large-screen-based services have covered 14 categories, 88 kinds, with 16.5 million live families per day, 233 million content-on-demand broadcasts, 328 minutes of viewing, and 500,000 + people per day conducting online education and learning. Wang Wei confidently said that today’s Hisense Television has become a big screen Wisdom Life Center for hundreds of millions of users. From this point of view, Hisense has already taken the lead in the smart screen.

At present, the smart screens proposed by more enterprises are one-to-one. Now Hisense takes the lead in realizing six-way video interaction, which makes the family social scene possible. The shared projection hall model we plan will be a new form of home office and home business in the future, and "social" is the era of TV scene. It’s an important start." Wang Wei said that on the track of TV application, Hisense has been very radical. As early as 2001, Hisense launched interactive TV with Internet access. In 2011, Hisense took the lead in putting forward an intelligent strategy, realizing the exchange of large and small screens. In 2014, it released the function of "gathering family" to realize family privacy and social interaction on TV. The VIDAA AI system introduced later is even more. It is the industry’s first full-scene real-time image search function.

Wang Wei revealed that this advantage will expand globally. The four major operations centers in Asia, Australia, America and Europe established by Hisense will focus on introducing core content. Through GLOCAL, the goal is to cover more than 90% of users’viewing time and to create a level of quality subscription content and social content. Taiwan. At present, high-quality subscription content has included nearly 100 top content platforms, such as Netflix, YouTube, VUDU, HULU, Stan, Prime Video, Google Play and so on. And the national smart home platform that Hisense created two years ago with a low profile, Julian, has access to more than 120 categories and dozens of brands of AIOT devices. Hisense’s move is to connect the long-standing 2C and 2B users and build a large-screen application platform that surpasses the intelligent control center and superimposes social functions. Haixin has just jointly invested 500 million yuan in chip companies, and is currently developing two AIoT chips.

Today, supporting full-scene voice, AIoT, social entertainment TV S7 that can watch and chat is the first step for Hisense to redefine the living room display screen. The future must be that display is ubiquitous, connection is ubiquitous, control is ubiquitous, and the shape of TV will become full of imagination with the maturity of new technology. Hisense, standing at the best competitive position in this historical turning point, is ready for the sprint.