BiJie is the world’s leading manufacturer of wireless screen projection/wireless display/wireless mirror/wireless screencast products.It can support up to four user projection screens at the same time. It supports such screen projection protocols as Airplay, Miracast, DLNA, WIDI, BJCast and can provide SDK packages.

Osca-550a is the first 55 inch terminal smart screen with Huawei Hongmeng operating system, which integrates many technological innovations, such as Hongmeng operating system, joint control smart home, Honghu 818 smart chip, etc., and creates a new experience of smart home life for consumers. At present, the price of the machine is only 2899 yuan, which is worth our understanding.

It is understood that Huawei Hongmeng operating system, a newly released distributed operating system of Huawei, adopted by oscar-550a of glory smart screen, is an operating system based on the smart life strategy of the whole scene and facing the future. For the first time, Huawei Hongmeng operating system adopts a modular design for multiple terminals, which can realize flexible deployment according to the requirements of different terminal application scenarios. The Huawei Hongmeng operating system adopted by glory smart screen is a large screen version adapted to the specific application scenarios of the family according to the capabilities of the smart screen hardware equipment.

Glory smart screen osca-550a

Thanks to the distributed architecture of Huawei’s Hongmeng operating system, the smart screen osca-550a breaks through the limitation of hardware capability of a single physical device and realizes seamless collaborative experience across terminals. For example, the call between the glory smart screen and the mobile phone can be seamlessly switched. The existing call of the mobile phone can be seamlessly switched to the smart screen. The smart screen lift camera, a larger screen, a microphone for far field pickup, and a loudspeaker with better effect can be used to continue the current communication, and the mobile phone can be put down to free hands, so that the other party can see a broader scene. Smart screen’s mobile screen control function enables the large screen to use the touch ability of the mobile screen to solve the complex problem of large screen input operation.

At the same time, the glory smart screen osca-550a also carries the Honghu 818 smart chip, which has the ability of collaborative intelligence; it can also jointly control the smart home, create an innovative “my home” living space, and control the whole through the smart screen. With these innovative technologies, oscar-550a, the glory smart screen, has a comprehensive experience beyond traditional TV.

In addition to the Honghu 818 smart chip, the glory smart screen osca-550a also has the NPU chip dedicated to the lift camera and the flagship mobile phone level Wi Fi chip. The three-core collaboration brings excellent experience and more possibilities for the glory smart screen. The lifting AI camera equipped with Hisilicon NPU chip can realize high-definition video communication with large and small screens. It will also have AI capabilities such as face recognition, human image tracking, posture detection, etc. to expand a variety of intelligent communication scenes for the glory of the intelligent screen; Hisilicon hi1103 Wi-Fi chip is the first in the world to support 160MHz bandwidth and 2.4g/5ghz Wi-Fi dual frequency optimization, which enables users to automatically connect to better frequency bands under different use conditions. Watch the film online and say goodbye to Caton, so as to enjoy the smart large screen experience.

In the aspect of display, oscar-550a is equipped with 4K UHD ultra clear large screen, ntsc87% wide color gamut, 400nit high sensitivity technology and 178 degree wide viewing angle. It improves the image quality in all directions through the seven dominant algorithms of magic image quality engine, such as MEMC, HDR, Sr. it can match eight color modes according to the user’s view, and it has obtained German TUV Rhine low blue light eye protection certification.

In terms of resources, osca-550a, the glory smart screen, integrates the massive content of Huawei video, Tencent Aurora TV, Youku kumao and mango TV, so that users can have the purest immersive experience.

In terms of appearance, the glory smart screen osca-550a has a 55 inch full screen, 94% ultra-high screen share, 6.9mm ultra-thin body, all metal frame, extremely simple geometric foot stand and diamond texture back design. The bottom of the body is equipped with a slide color indicator light, and 360 degree aesthetics is uncompromising.

Editor’s comments: as a new smart screen, it honors the powerful application performance of osca-550a, meets the needs of the current consumer’s family entertainment experience, coupled with excellent audio-visual quality performance and fashionable appearance design, and adds a lot of colors to the living room. At present, the price of 2899 yuan is also quite low, which is a smart screen worthy of our possession.

The price of two new products of glory smart screen series are: 3799 yuan (55 inch Standard Version) and 4799 yuan (55 inch high configuration Pro version). At present, all the new products have been reserved in vmall, Jingdong, tmall and glory, and will start selling at 10:08 on August 15. During the period from August 15 to August 31, users can enjoy “30-day return if they are not satisfied”, three-year long warranty repair time, free installation and debugging. It is worth mentioning that users who want to experience the world’s first Huawei Hongmeng operating system equipment first can also go to hundreds of glory experience stores across the country to try and buy glory smart screens.