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Since January 28, owia has provided free “live broadcast support for famous teachers of Regional Education Bureau” and other three services to the national education system. As of February 13, it has carried out 8527 live broadcasts for 223 districts and counties in 27 provinces, running without faults for 16 consecutive days, benefiting millions of students. By virtue of the “cloud + end” technology advantages, owia has successfully helped the education bureaus of Chang’an District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, Yingdong District, Fuyang City, Anhui Province, Shangcai County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province and other counties to form an efficient, high-quality and orderly “no suspension of school” good practice, focusing on the implementation effect, preventing formalism, and winning high praise from all walks of life.

16 million visitors a day, Chang’an District fully mobilizes resources of famous teachers

On February 2, owia quickly responded to the demand and provided live broadcast training and one-to-one operation guidance for more than 200 school leaders, administrators and key teachers organized by the Education Bureau of Chang’an District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province. On February 10, the Education Bureau of Chang’an District provided live broadcast classes of famous teachers for primary and secondary school students in the district through the existing ovia video and broadcast classroom and “famous teachers live support service”. The number of live viewers reached 16 million on that day. The all-day stable live broadcast service has attracted much attention of owia, which has been reported successively by the urban youth channel of Shaanxi TV station and the official media of Chang’an District Education Bureau.

Famous teachers in Chang’an District record courses

Students in Chang’an District learn online through a variety of terminal devices

The application mode of Yingdong district with quantity, quality and order

On February 9, the Education Bureau of Yingdong District, Fuyang City, Anhui Province, used the existing owia recording and broadcasting classroom and “famous teachers’ live broadcasting support service” to open nine online live classes for compulsory education schools by grade, covering grades 1 to 9, and the number of people watching classes in just four hours exceeded 1 million. Yingdong District Education Bureau has added epidemic prevention knowledge popularization, broadcast gymnastics and other contents in the course arrangement. Students can easily watch live broadcast or playback through various terminals at home. Director Ding of the teaching and Research Department said, “the participation and recognition of students are very high, aweya has strong technical strength, and information technology teachers have praised it.”.

Yingdong district famous teachers arrange course contents scientifically and reasonably for students

20 million people visited Shangcai County famous teachers’ class every day with high quality and stability

On February 10, through the “live broadcast support service for famous teachers” provided by owia free of charge, the first to eighth grade online classes in the compulsory education stage of “no suspension of classes” in Shangcai County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province were officially launched. Chen, director of the County Education Bureau, made a brief speech to the teachers, students and parents of the county through the deployed owia video classroom and live broadcast platform, and watched the live broadcast effect in person at the live classroom monitoring center. On that day, the number of live viewers was close to 20 million, and the relevant management personnel said that the broadcast effect was very good, the students watched it carefully, and the leaders of the Bureau highly recognized it.

Director Chen of Shangcai County Education Bureau personally inspected the live broadcast effect

Shangcai County’s management staff highly praised owia

In addition, with the support of “cloud + end” technology of owia, the work of “no suspension of classes” in Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, Ulanhot City, Inner Mongolia and other counties has been carried out stably and with high quality. Next, owia will build a new model of “full connection teaching”, provide good services to the education bureaus all over the country, summarize and share more good experiences and practices, and work together to create a better future for education.