Give your teachers a mobile device and BiJie wireless display and watch magic happen in the classroom.

21st-century learning is all about  wireless collaboration, personalization, and team-based projects. Not surprising, these same attributes are also reflected in the work culture of the most successful companies around the world.

Yet many of our teachers are still tethered to a desktop PC while facing students situated in a ‘desk in a row’ formation

Such an antiquated learning environment was designed for rote memorization teaching practices and make it very difficult for students to communicate and work together – not modern at all

So, what is required to create an effective and enjoyable 21st century learning environment that inspires eager learners?

The wireless display solution of BiJie smart classroom is based on BYOD interactive teaching application scene, which realizes the wireless display and screen sharing of mobile phones and computers, so that teachers and students can more flexibly and conveniently conduct the wireless display demonstration of courseware and teaching content, making teaching more vivid.





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