Let’s take a look at the whole process of a traditional meeting

1. Determine meeting requirements
2. Before the meeting, relevant personnel should debug the meeting equipment (such as projector, adapter, HDMI and VGA cable)
3. Start the meeting, the first one connect the equipment, and finish
4. Others connect the device until the end

How many steps does it take to use the wireless projection system

1. Determine meeting requirements
2. Start the meeting, connect the device wirelessly, and then other connect.

There are several key points for the company to grasp when choosing the conference projection scheme

1、 Can it meet the screen casting requirements of users in the conference scene
Wireless projection is only a basic requirement, the key is to meet the complex scene applications in the user conference room, with high reliability.

2、 Is the solution suitable for the needs of the company and simple enough
Some companies use home wireless screen devices for medium-sized and large-scale meetings. As a result, various situations often appear at the meeting site, which makes the participants very embarrassed.