BiJie gets deployed in various room types — meeting, learning, and common spaces — in order to enable teams with a complete wireless collaboration solution. These areas are well trafficked, so organizations often times require digital signage in these spaces as well. BiJie Cloud allows administrators to centrally configure BiJie end points, already deployed in these spaces, with specific feeds using the digital signage provider of their choice. There are no additional hardware or build-out costs required.

Digital Signage as a Feature

    Digital signage playback is a feature of BiJie, the industry’s most complete team collaboration software solution. Because BiJie already runs on end points in meeting and learning spaces, there is no need for additional hardware, software, or installation costs to deliver signage feeds to these areas.

Signage Platform Integrations

    BiJie extends the ability to play HTML-based signage content by integrating with leading digital signage management platforms 

One Place for Management

Setup, monitor, and manage your entire BiJie deployment – whether its local, regional, or global — from BiJie Cloud, our centralized management portal. Also, easily setup and update any part of the deployment with your choice of digital signage feeds and pre-integrated platforms.