With the continuous development of electronic technology, the smart phones we use are more and more high-end, and the functions become rich and powerful. However, sometimes the screen of the mobile phone is too small. Many people hope to experience the visual feast of the large screen, connect the mobile phone with the TV, and realize the transmission and projection of the content. How can we achieve this?

In general, it is impossible to connect the mobile phone to the TV directly, but if we just want to project the video from the mobile phone to the TV, there is no problem. We can use DLNA technology to achieve this function.

First: DLNA Technology

In fact, DLNA is not a technology, but a solution. The whole process is called “Digital Living Network Alliance”. It is initiated by Sony, Intel, Microsoft and other companies. In order to realize the interconnection of PC, mobile devices and consumer appliances in wireless or wired network.
Its connection mode is similar to that of a computer. It can directly access the network without any auxiliary connection of devices or data lines. As long as you connect your mobile phone and computer to the same network, and then turn on this function, you can see any video synchronously. Of course, in addition to video, cameras or computers can also be realized.

Second: USB cable

Connect to the USB interface of TV through the data cable, so that any video seen on the mobile phone can be put on the TV to watch synchronously. This is the simplest way. However, we need to pay attention to whether the port of the display device is HDMI or VGA, and different ports use different cables.

Third: multi screen interaction with mobile phone

Nowadays, many smart phones support the function of screen projection and multi screen interaction. The premise is that you need to download an app, and then ensure that the mobile phone and TV are connected to the same WiFi network. Then, the mobile phone can search and connect directly in the WiFi state, so that the mobile phone can control the TV at any time.



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