Sharing photos from your phone with friends and family can be a challenge when everyone has to hover over your shoulder to see the small screen. Fortunately, technology exists that lets you “mirror” your small phone screen to the larger screen of your TV. In other words, whatever you see on your smartphone screen, you can display on the big screen.

If you are an iPhone user, you could do the following steps to display the photos of your phone on TV.

First: Prepare BiJie Meeting Box
Connect BiJie Meeting Box to the Display Device(TV/Projector/etc) via HDMI cable (Tips: No need to install App on iPhone and make sure that the BiJie Meeting Box is connected to the same LAN with the iPhone)
Second: open the control center
Third: tap screen mirroring, choose the name of meeting box,tap to start screen casting
Fourth: open control center again, tap screen mirroring, tap stop mirroring to stop screen casting.

more details: how to use Airplay.

In such the several steps, you can easily display the photos on your phone.