How to Inspire Team Collaboration

Boost worker productivity by modernizing in-person and virtual meeting spaces-smart meeting room.


Meetings have become a recurring pain point for the workforce. Although necessary, these gatherings are often plagued by technical difficulties — or regarded as a drain on time and efficiency. But modern, innovative technologies are reshaping today’s collaborative environment, fostering creativity, boosting productivity and giving businesses a competitive edge with a more connected workforce.

Meeting the needs of a remote workforce

Today’s work environment requires a different level of flexibility to equip people and teams to do their best work. It’s never been more important to empower every employee with the tools needed to effectively communicate and stay connected — regardless of whether they’re in the office or working remotely.

In fact, an April Gallup poll found the majority of workers (70%) always or sometimes work from home during the global pandemic. A month later, that figure dropped by only 2%. Of course, mobile technologies play an important role in enabling today’s largely remote workforce.

Teleconferencing technologies bring teams together, including members who are separated by hundreds of miles. The high-resolution, touch-screen display of the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S, in particular, is a leading team collaboration tool that drives productivity by giving teammates a centralized location to meet with everything they need right at their fingertips.

Engaging workers where they are

To maximize investment in a mobile workforce, it’s important to consider interoperability and ease of use when choosing conference room and videoconferencing technologies. Paying attention to what might confuse users will make a big difference in how productive your teams can be during meetings.

Meeting Box can enhance meeting experiences by consolidating and simplifying input controls for everything from the conference room monitor to the overhead lighting and the projector screen.