Conference room projection, how to make the office conference room more efficient by wireless projection,

has been in an advantage in the field of projection with the advantages of simple installation, cost saving, flexible transmission distance and zero wiring, and is active in the application of intelligent conference. The emergence of wireless projection technology makes the conference more convenient, makes the data transmission soar, and makes the conference efficiency take off.


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the meaning of wireless projection screen. Go to Du Niang by yourself. I’ll tell you directly here that you don’t need cable screen interaction to realize the display from small screen to large screen in the form of wireless. Realize the transformation from traditional meeting room to intelligent meeting room at a lower cost. Quickly and conveniently realize the accurate information sharing between the personnel of the enterprise headquarters and between the personnel of the headquarters and all branches. In this case, the video conference solution based on remote audio and video transmission technology and unified communication concept has become a powerful weapon for enterprises to solve the “poor communication of information decision-making”.

I. wireless projection multi terminal support. Meeting at any time is not a dream. The

wireless projection solution supports a variety of terminals to join the meeting, and can support PC, intelligent terminal (Android / IOS), whiteboard of conference room, intelligent interactive large screen and other terminals. There is no need for complicated preparation before the meeting, so that the meeting is not waiting. Meeting at any time is not a dream.

II. Wireless projection, diversified data sharing, rejection of “rigid” meetings,


wireless projection solutions can realize the sharing of common documents and whiteboards such as office, PDF and BMP, realize the functions of video and audio playback, data transmission and collaborative browsing, and truly support dynamic ppt. Dynamic acquisition and compression technology makes desktop and program sharing more efficient and the conference process more vivid, Richer data transmission.

III. wireless screen projection saves time and cost, and makes the meeting efficiency “take-off”

save time and cost, mainly including the preparation time before the meeting, the time for changing equipment during the meeting, and the time for sorting and archiving after the meeting. Even if a meeting saves only one hour, for a conference room with relatively high frequency of meeting use, the cost saved for the enterprise is a considerable wealth. How to select


wireless projection devices?


first meet the basic meeting needs; That’s the premise.


should have powerful management, interaction, control and other functions. The conference is not just a matter of one person. The more people in the conference room, the more functional requirements for the projector. The advantage is that more people can express their ideas in the conference, so as to achieve the purpose of a brainstorming conference.