How to wirelessly project an iPhone screen to a smart TV?

Wireless projection screen is a new way of information transmission and interaction, which can transmit the picture of mobile phone and computer equipment to the device wirelessly. The traditional wired transmission mode can no longer meet the needs of people’s work and life. Wireless transmission is more efficient and convenient, and the screen projection scheme can be selected according to different scenes, which is simple, convenient and fast, enabling more people to optimize the operation. At the same time, it can also obtain better conditions in the meeting learning, learning meetings or playing games through wireless screen projection, and watching more comprehensive art programs.

How to wirelessly project an iPhone screen to a smart TV?

  1. First, put your smart TV and iPhone on the same LAN.
  2. Start the phone, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, pull out the “Control screen”, and click the “AirPlay” option in the “Control screen”
  3. In the “AirPlay” option screen, locate the ID of the smart TV you want to connect to and turn on the device’s “Mirror” switch
  4. Return to the “Control interface”, you can see that the original “AirPlay” position has become the name of the cool TV device, which proves that the connection is successful and the wireless projection screen is successful


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