iphone screen to Dell computer How to operate?

With the popularity of the computer screen function, many friends will use the screen function in the office or life, this is not recently a small friend asked Xiaobian iphone screen to windows computer how to do, because it is the first time to use, so do not understand, the following Xiaobian will bring you the iPhone screen to the computer method, everyone come and have a look.

iphone screen to windows Computer How to do?

  1. First we need AirPlay;

airplayer(iTools Apple Video Master)

airplayer(iTools Apple Video Master) is a very practical screen recording software, easy to use, no difficulty, but also extremely powerful, can help users to easily project videos, games, photos to the TV, computer, bring quality experience. You need to download and install airplayer(iTools) the latest computer version of it.

  1. After installing AirPlay, select the IOS version of iPhone to open it;
  2. Select the IOS version of iPhone and open it to operate on iPhone;
  3. Open Control Center on iPhone and tap screen image;
  4. Click the screen image and select AirPlay to successfully display the screen.