After the outbreak of the

epidemic of the standard version of bj66 wireless conference terminal, the “popular” online conference is still hot after the resumption of work and production. We have become increasingly accustomed to the change from “face-to-face” to “screen-to-screen”. Whether online or offline, you need to have a “small box” such as “bj66 wireless conference terminal” to make your meeting simpler and more efficient.

this bj66 wireless conference terminal newly developed by Bijie Internet + type-C wireless conference partners jointly use

I. bj66 appearance

“good-looking skin bags are the same, and interesting souls are one in a million.” Our bj66 small box is not only powerful, but also unique in appearance. Let’s meet the appearance, materials and accessories of bj66 wireless conference terminal. The


bj66 fuselage adopts aluminum alloy CNC process, 180 * 138 * 40MM cuboid is formed as a whole, dark blue glass and frosted material, combined with round corner design, which is simple and generous on the whole, and fully meets the decoration needs of modern conference rooms.

product parameter

bj66 provides four usb3 0. 1 USB2 0. One type-C, with built-in 802.11ax (wifi6) + 802.11ac (wifi5) wireless module, providing higher wireless transmission efficiency and access capability.

bj66 is used together with type-C wireless conference partners to complete conference anti mirroring and wireless screen sharing.

II. Functions of bj66

1 Wireless conference


support wireless conference function, connect conference camera / microphone wirelessly, and support video conference platforms such as teams, zoom, Tencent conference, nailing and Huichang (need to be equipped with wireless conference transceiver). The


cameras and mackwind signals are transmitted to the computer wirelessly to reduce the wiring steps of the meeting, and the meeting can be held quickly by using the personal computer of the sharing personnel.

, , wireless transmission

is generally bj66 box connected with the large display screen through HDMI cable, and the computer and the box are connected to the same network, which can realize multi screen interaction between large and small screens in the way of wireless transmission.

connects the conference camera and microphone wirelessly.

usually when we have an online conference, we will use the camera and microphone of the laptop to communicate, which often has certain limitations;


but if we have the small box bj66 and connect the camera and microphone in the meeting room to the small box bj66 through USB interface, we can have a meeting through this device.

4K HD collaboration and sharing

one click sharing desktop content and other people’s projection pictures, providing 4K high-definition audio-visual experience.

can access the purse seine device

USB camera: Logitech, Oni, Lenovo Hikvision, emida, Philips, etc.

USB Microphone: JBL, iron triangle, Shure, rod and other

2 When many people join the remote sharing


remote conference, all participants in the same conference room do not need to join the conference. When employee a uses the conference software to join the conference and employee B needs to share the computer screen, they only need to cast the conference screen without joining the conference.

bj66 wireless conference terminal

in addition to the above-mentioned elimination of various complicated wiring steps, this product has more obvious advantages in multi person remote conference.


employees in the same meeting room only need one person to participate in the meeting. When other personnel report and display, they can click the projection screen.


can greatly reduce the online personnel of the conference software and make the operation easier.

3. Support byod


support byod, multiple intelligent terminals can be displayed at the same time, compatible with the native protocols of airplay, miracast, widi and googlecast, and can be displayed without installing software.

4. Reverse control

reverse control features

strong interactivity: as a wireless conference cooperation system, interactivity is the main embodiment of product value. For example, on the large screen, you can complete actions such as opening documents, fast forward playing, page turning PPT, scrolling excel tables and so on; When giving a speech, it is often annotated or modified on the screen, but participants in different places may not be able to see these notes. With bj66 small box, this problem can be solved perfectly.

5. HDMI input and output


have one channel of HDMI independent input, support audio transmission, and can be externally connected to third-party signal sources such as high-resolution camera, PC and so on.

6. Provide interfaces



provide control API interfaces, which can be integrated and docked with external central control, smart podium and other Internet of things devices.

can be connected with third-party equipment (such as projector, TV, touch screen, etc.) through MINIUSB port to power on and off

7 Information release


have built-in information release system, which can customize the picture rotation.

8. The unified management platform


can provide SDK integration and customization; At the same time, a unified management platform is provided, which can carry out centralized control, operation and maintenance of equipment in the network.

III. scenario application

IV. reasons for choosing bj66

AV equipment wireless connection

wireless connection USB audio-visual peripherals in the conference room (camera, microphone, audio)

4K HD collaborative sharing

one click sharing desktop content and other people’s projection pictures, Provide 4K HD audio-visual experience


to quickly open video conference


to support UC video conference platforms such as teams, zoom, nailing and Tencent conference, and quickly hold higher quality collaboration meetings of