Mobile Screen Projection – How can Android and Apple phones be projected onto a TV?

Method 1: Android phone screen

Advantages: Fast

Disadvantage: Requires support from screen broadcasting devices.

1. The prerequisite is that the phone and TV must be on the same network.

Taking Huawei P9 phone as an example, open 【 Settings 】 – 【 Advanced Settings 】 – 【 Multi screen Interaction 】 on Huawei phone.

At this point, as needed, click on the way you want to project the screen

Method 2: Apple’s built-in AirPlay screen display function

AirPlay Advantages: Fast

Disadvantage: Screen projection devices need to support

Firstly, connect the device that requires a screen to the Apple. WiFi (on the same local area network)

2. Turn on the AirPlay function on your iPhone, then slide from the bottom and select Project Screen in the interface that appears.

3. The screen will have a linking process. Secondly, the devices to be filtered need to support AirPlay.