Multi screen interaction: Bijie network provides multi screen interactive technology solutions for Hisense’s commercial display products.

Qingdao Hisense Mobile Communication Technology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Bijie Network Co., Ltd. signed a product cooperative development project to integrate Bijie wireless projection technology + SDK development package into Qingdao Hisense’s products.

Bijie network provides Qingdao Hisense with the integration scheme of Bijie projection SDK. Combined with the excellent performance of Qingdao Hisense commercial display screen products, Bijie wireless projection technology is deeply integrated into the commercial display screen. The deep integration of the software and hardware of the Bijie projection screen SDK and the large screen of the commercial display opens up the end-to-end information exchange during the use of the large screen, making it easy for the multi screen interaction between the large screen and the mobile terminal.

Bijie projection SDK solution adapts to the full protocol, and can provide airplay, miracast, widi, DLNA, googlecast, USB wired and bjcast (private) protocols, supporting users’ secondary integrated development and integration and docking with third-party systems:

sender SDK: Android sender SDK, IOS sender SDK, windows sender SDK, Mac OS sender SDK

windows: C / C + + interface or JS interface can be provided, C# interface MacOS: it can provide C / C + + interface or JS interface Android: it can provide C, C + + interface or AAR interface IOS: it can provide C, C + +, Object-C interface, and has the ability to call IOS airplay or IOS screen recording

receiver SDK: it is suitable for Android, Linux and windows systems

since the introduction of wireless screen projection product and wireless screen projection SDK integration scheme, It has been quickly recognized by various well-known enterprises and educational institutions at home and abroad. The cooperative users include CNPC Ruifei, 58 Tongcheng, Haier Group, BOE, OSRAM, Accenture, etc.