In order to blossom in China’s hot land of education, and to promote the in-depth development of China’s curriculum teaching reform, we need to make the following preparations.

First, we should establish a firm belief in educational reform.

Ideas determine behavior. What kind of educational concept, there will be what kind of educational behavior. Many teachers in the “score first” education environment, have tempered a set of skills, formed a fixed teaching paradigm and habits. The implementation of “flipped classroom” is bound to break the balance between oneself and the educational environment, so that we can be in a new and unstable state in which we are not sure exactly. If there is no firm belief in reform as a support, teachers are usually not willing to “reform” their own lives.

Second, we should have a high quality of education informatization.

Today’s students, themselves living in the information age, have a natural affinity for electronic products and all kinds of software in the information age. But today’s teachers are different. They have basically no contact with computers in their youth, and lack a sense of intimacy with information technology. Most teachers usually use computers to surf the Internet, write some text and data forms, and make ppt. Other software and technology are rarely involved. Although video platform can hire people to make it, it is very difficult to promote the “flipped classroom” reform if teachers do not have a series of skills related to teaching video compilation.

Third, we should grasp the key points of “flipped classroom“.

In order to implement “flipped classroom”, many people put their main energy on the production of video, which is actually a misunderstanding. Video is naturally important, but more important than video is how to spend the extra time in class. Classroom dialogue and discussion, teachers need to make careful preparation and careful observation, to really teach students in accordance with their aptitude.

Smart Classroom Solution:

The multi-screen interactive solution for education in the field launched by BiJie Networks fully considers the demands of teachers and students in protocol support and functional design, and is compatible with Airplay, Miracast, WiDi, ChromeCast and BJCast (self-developed) projection protocols. Teachers and students can quickly cast the screen of a mobile phone or PC to the large-screen display device wirelessly.