Screen casting – MAC screen casting shortcut key

Shortcut key operation

To achieve Mac projection, you need to first connect the computer to a projector or monitor. Next, press the following shortcut keys to achieve projection:

【Command+F1】: On Mac computers, this shortcut key is commonly referred to as “projection” or “screen projection”.After pressing, the computer screen will automatically project onto an external projector or monitor, and will not expand the desktop space to the external screen.If you want to extend your desktop to an external screen, you can press 【Command+F2】.

【 Option+Start Button】: If you need to force projection and use an external projection device as the main screen, you can press 【 Option+Start Button】 to enter projection mode.This allows you to better control the screen frame rate and Refresh rate on your Mac, so that you can better adapt to external devices.

Using third-party tools

If you need more customized options, you can consider using third-party tools to achieve Mac projection. The following are several popular third-party tools:

-AirServer: This is an easy-to-use AirPlay receiver that can stream screens from a Mac to other AirPlay devices.

-Reflector: Similar to AirServer, Reflector also supports AirPlay screen mirroring, but it also supports Chromebook and Android devices.

-VLC: This is a popular video player that not only supports many different video formats, but also can transmit audio and video streams over wireless networks.

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