Screen Projection – How does Xiaomi laptop screen projection work?

1、 Open the TV and click on “My App” on the screen to enter the My App List interface.

2、 In my application interface, click on “Wireless Screen Projection” to open the wireless screen projection application.

3、 In the “Wireless Screen Projection” application interface, click “Quick Screen Projection” to enter the waiting for connection interface.

4、 On the Xiaomi laptop, press the F6 button to pop up the projection function. In the projection function interface, click “Connect to Wireless Display”.

5、 The computer will search for all wireless monitors and audio devices on the same network. In the list, you can see the Xiaomi TV waiting for the link. Click on Xiaomi TV to connect.

6、 Wait for the connection to succeed. After the connection is successful, the computer screen will be projected onto the Xiaomi TV.