Screen Projection – Lenovo Computer Screen Projection Method

  1. Turn on your Android phone and connect to the wireless network. Turn on your computer and also connect to the network. Please note that both devices must be connected to the same local area network;
  2. Then turn on the computer, enter the setting interface with the Menu key, and enter the display setting;
  3. Find the screen projection to this computer;
  4. Select all available locations, press OK and remember the computer name;
  5. Next, open the Android phone, enter the settings interface, and click on more connection methods;
  6. Select Wireless Display, turn on Wireless Display, and select the computer name to be displayed in the list of wireless display devices;
  7. Click on the computer name;
  8. The phone starts wireless screen projection, and you can see the computer displaying the phone’s information. Wait for a moment to complete the screen projection;
  9. After successful screen projection, it can be seen that the screen of the phone has been real-time projected onto the computer screen.