Single frequency vs dual frequency

Many people have a question when they buy a wireless projector. What is the meaning of single frequency and dual frequency on the wireless projector? What’s the difference between the two? In short, dual frequency wireless projector can be switched according to the demand, but single frequency can’t be selected, so in terms of frequency band alone, dual frequency is better than single frequency, and the frequency band is generally divided into 2.4G and 5G. What’s the difference between the two?


1、 Transmission speed
The most significant difference between 2.4G and 5G is the transmission speed. If the transmission speed is required to be high, 5G must be selected.
2、 Device support
Generally speaking, devices supporting 5G will definitely support 2.4G, but those supporting 2.4G will not necessarily support 5G.
3、 Distance range
Although the speed of 2.4G can’t catch up with 5G, the transmission distance of 2.4G is far from 5G.
4、 Immunity
Another advantage of 2.4G is that 2.4G has stronger anti-interference ability than 5G, and it is not easy to have unexpected situations such as screen splashing and dropping. If the surrounding interference is too large, it is recommended to select 2.4G for wireless screen casting.
5、 Penetrability
2.4G frequency is more penetrating than 5G. In the case of walls or other obstacles, the advantage of 2.4G penetration is more obvious.