So this is the right way to display an iPhone screen! Small screen to big screen in a second!

As a seven years of fruit fans, have to say, the iPhone is really very easy to use, not only because of its high security, but also because it has a lot of practical small functions, today Xiaobian to share with you in the iPhone a very easy to use function – screen function! If you like watching TV, get up! Small screen to big screen in 1 second!

First, wireless projection screen

  1. Screen mirroring function

First we open the iPhone, then swipe up at the bottom of the phone to bring up the Control Center, and click on the Screen Image function here

  1. Connect the device

Note that the phone should be connected to the same Wifi as the TV, and then we can see the name of the device to connect in the pop-up window, select the connection to display the screen.

Two, wired projection screen

  1. Converter

If the TV at home does not support wireless screen projection, we can also use some converters to achieve wired screen projection. Now there are many converters can achieve wired screen projection, not only mobile phones, iPad, iPod touch can also!

  1. Link devices

According to the instructions, insert the data cable into the corresponding interface to achieve the screen projection. The advantage of wired screen projection is relatively stable, but the space is relatively limited

Three, software screen

  1. Screen recording and projection software

If you need to record the screen while casting, we can also use some two-in-one software to achieve, [fast recording screen master] is a good software, it can achieve screen recording screen at the same time ~

  1. Video editing function

After recording the video can also be processed directly in the software, you can add subtitles, filters, special effects and so on to the video, the function is very powerful!

Well, that’s what we want to share today. Do you know any other good features of the iPhone?