splicing large screen display system is widely used, in which the conference room and control room are its two important application scenarios.

in the application of splicing large screens, “wireless projection” is its common function. The so-called “wireless screen projection” means that the desktop of the signal source is projected onto the large screen through the local area network.


at present, most of the splicing large screen display systems do not have the function of wireless screen projection. With the help of the wireless screen projector, the wireless screen projection of mobile phones, tablets, computers and other signal sources is very practical and cost-effective.

splicing screen conference room wireless projection

1. Connect through HDMI cable, one end is connected to the signal input interface of splicing large screen, and the other end is connected to the wireless projector box;

2. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers and other office devices can easily display the content to be shared on the splicing screen through the wireless projector.

splicing screen control room wireless projection

Bijie multi screen cooperation equipment supports splicing screen projection. In the same LAN, the picture information of any camera and camera can be monitored at any time.

from the application of splicing screen in two application scenarios of conference room and control room, Bijie multi screen cooperation equipment can display a screen spliced by multiple display screens at the same time.


can also display a computer image on a 3 * 3 splicing screen to realize the splicing display of large screen.