What are the changes of wireless display on business meeting?

    In the traditional meeting scene with projector equipment, some things are indispensable, such as: projector, screen, laptop, mobile phone, USB flash disk, adapter cable, VGA cable connecting computer and projector.

    Generally speaking, the problem encountered is the traditional projector meeting, which can not meet the actual needs of the current meeting.
1. Wire connection is needed between the equipment and the projector, which is very troublesome and the experience is very poor. Everyone has to re connect every time, wasting everyone’s precious time;
2. The wire rod needs to be planned in advance. If it is planned later, it will increase unnecessary construction cost again;
3. The threshold of wire is high, different computers and mobile phones need to be equipped with different adapters to connect to the projector normally;
4. The use of wire rod affects the image of the company, resulting in the illusion of low efficiency;
5. It can not meet the following other requirements, such as multi screen display, wireless display, one button display, centralized control and other functions.

Wireless display is a professional wireless sharing and cooperation system. With the wireless interaction between screens, it can get rid of all kinds of wiring, get rid of the problem of interface matching, and do not need to plan in advance, so the meeting can be held at any time.
Through this system, no matter the mobile phone, tablet or computer can easily transfer the screen to the large screen, we can directly throw away those redundant connectors and connecting lines.

Through the wireless way, create a display mode without technical threshold, even if a person who has not used it, can also complete the wireless display in one minute. On the other hand, multi-user collaboration can realize the simultaneous display of four images, which can improve the use experience of multi-user conference.