The functional advantage of the wireless projection device

  1. Multi-channel screen projection

A maximum of six intelligent terminals can be displayed on the same screen without any terminal type restriction.

Supports 4K HD display.

  1. Multi-screen interaction

Support screen interaction between teacher large screen and group split screen. Teachers can drag and drop the designated group screen to share.

  1. Screen reverse control

The large screen controls the content on the screen, making meetings more efficient and enhancing user experience.

  1. The screen casting function can still be smooth in a weak network environment where 20% packets are lost

High stability, short delay, improve user experience.

  1. Support screen watermarking

Narrow the scope to trace the source, anti-counterfeiting watermark, prevent illegal tampering

  1. Scan and screen casting are supported

The function of scanning code direct projection and quick screen projection can be provided by using the client software of Betgemini screen projection.

  1. Support integrated OPS operation

The data interaction between the OPS system and screen projection hardware devices is enabled, and the OPS application software is provided. The operation is based on the OPS without switching the OPS signal.

  1. Support unified management platform

Provides unified operation and maintenance management of screen projection devices, screen projection data statistics, and supports private deployment.