Recently, the 20th Guangzhou international professional lighting and sound Exhibition

The exhibition hall of China Import and Export Commodities Fair came to a successful conclusion

There are 14 exhibition halls in this exhibition

Attracted 1041 enterprises to participate in the exhibition

The exhibits cover the full range of products in the professional lighting and sound industry chain

Light up the spark and interpret the new life

As one of the most eye-catching items in this exhibition, “spark · newborn immersive experience Exhibition” takes “technology + culture + creativity” as the concept, integrates the industry-leading equipment and technologies such as digital technology, naked eye 3D, holographic technology, visual imaging technology and mechanical device technology, and perfectly constructs an immersive interactive experience presented by digital light and shadow technology.  

Vivitek (Lixun), a projector brand of delta, and its agent Jianye display in South China, provided a number of imaging equipment and technical support for the booth.  

A series of laser engineering projectors represented by du9800z, with beautiful colors and vivid images, lit up the multi-faceted immersion exhibition area with the theme of salary biography.


The will of fire gathers into firewood, holds the firewood in hand, and explores space. The will of fire turns into the brilliance of sound, light and electricity.  

With the help of Vivitek project projector and a series of interactive devices, it empowers the industry from the perspective of space-time concept, cultural core, operation planning and innovation and benefits, and describes the creative world of cultural tourism in light language.






“Spark · newborn immersive experience Exhibition” was jointly launched by the organizer and the special committee of cultural tourism exhibition of Guangdong audio, video and lighting technology promotion association. With the goal of creating an innovative model of cultural tourism, it explored the integration and innovation paradigm of “science and technology + culture + Exhibition + tourism” in the era of scientific and technological civilization, promoted the cultural tourism industry to a new height and built a perfect ecological environment of cultural tourism exhibition industry, Achieve win-win cooperation.

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