computer has those methods of projecting TV.

Windows computer has two main methods of projecting the screen wirelessly to the TV. One is a professional wireless projection device, and the other is the projection brought by the player. According to the user’s choice, the result of screen projection is also different.


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player’s own screen projection: current video players have screen projection function, and even cool dog music can project MV to TV through its own screen projection function. Advantages of


: the player app comes with video resources.


1. The stability is not enough, and various adverse conditions such as frequent disconnection and jamming occur.

2. Not every TV program can be projected. Before, there were some video app software. In order to launch the matching TV box, many programs do not support app direct projection.

3. It can’t be played continuously automatically. In most cases, you need to click each episode for screen projection.

wireless projection equipment: the original wireless projection equipment was a projection tool in business meetings. Since the projection became popular in the home market, there are also many people who use wireless projection equipment to projection TV.


Bijie wireless screen projection is compatible with protocols such as miracast, airplay screen image, DLNA, googlecast, widi, Huawei cast +, bjcast +, etc. users can choose the screen projection mode according to their needs. For example, watching movies, we choose DLNA or miracast to watch movies on the screen, brush the circle of friends and chat on wechat without interfering with each other; When playing the game, choose the screen mirror mode and eat chicken on the big screen.

wireless screen projection supports the projection of mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops and other devices on the device. At present, Android phones have their own wireless screen projection function, and apple phones have their own screen image. Computers and laptops can be projected by inserting USB keys or using app sender.