As a company manager,

can really feel what is smart office after contacting the smart office system. Let’s talk about my personal experience here: the company’s choice of Bijie Internet for smart office system solution is really refreshing.

let’s start with a simple conference room. In the past, the conference room of our company could really be described as annoying when you see it. It’s not bright when you don’t open the door, but as long as you open the door of the conference room, you have to be careful. The exposed wires and plug boards on the floor are like traps, which make it difficult for you to walk, especially for female employees. It’s really difficult to walk in high heels, Just the female colleagues I saw who tripped over the line are more than single digits.

at the same time, due to more and more equipment, the increase in the number of plug-in boards has also brought many hidden dangers. In one meeting, the coffee of the staff accidentally knocked down the wet plug-in board and showed that the TV went out directly, which scared us to cut off the power and clean up. We had to give up half of the meeting, but fortunately there was no safety accident; Then there is the problem of aesthetics. At the weekly regular meeting, the employees come to such a conference room full of lines and can’t get motivated. Everyone wants to finish the meeting and leave as soon as possible, and every employee has to plug in the computer presentation file again, which can’t be solved quickly…

but after replacing the intelligent office system provided by Bijie Internet, our conference room has also become an intelligent conference room, No more troubles. Complicated lines? It doesn’t exist. Now our conference room has only clean demonstration screens, tables and chairs, green plants, and the carpet shows its original color. I didn’t expect that the original conference room was so clean and tidy; Colleagues also bid farewell to the potential safety hazards and the complicated plug-in demonstration. As long as there is a mobile phone in the regular meeting, the screen can be easily cast without other cumbersome operations. They can directly scan the code and cast the screen, so that the one hour meeting can be completed in 30 minutes, bringing a good mood after work on Friday.




are the charming Bijie Internet smart office system and wireless screen technology to provide users with more intelligent and convenient office services and improve work efficiency.