What is the biggest difference between AR glasses and VR glasses?

AR means that there is still an image of the real world in the field of vision, but on top of the image, additional virtual objects are superimposed. The superimposed objects need to have “interaction” with the real scene, such as can be fitted to the wall, can be placed on the table, so it is an enhancement of reality, so it is called augmented reality. AR glasses are virtual and real superposition, can see the real world, can see the virtual scene.


At present, there are several theories about the future development field of AR

Wearable device

With the help of terminals such as watches, glasses and even bracelets, AR experience can be started anytime and anywhere to improve the understanding of the real world. Finally, just like the scene described in the movie, you can tap the frame of the glasses, and the quantified world will appear in front of you, helping people understand and manipulate the physical environment, and providing intelligent support for industrial operations.

Internet of things

AR+ Internet of Things is an ideal combination. With big data, every object can become a screen, and every object can be presented in a form that enhances information. Everything in front of the user can be a screen, and then the true sense of freedom will be realized.

VR, or virtual reality, means that the entire environment in the field of view is virtual and has nothing to do with the real world. You can put on VR glasses in your living room and instantly go to an alien planet to play space battles with your friends. The movie Ready Player One depicts such a world.

Immersion: Let the person feel in the virtual scene, block the light of the real scene, so that the virtual scene occupy the whole field of vision, so that they feel the scene is real and three-dimensional.

Interactivity: It can interact with the content in the virtual scene in real time, and has a real response to user behavior. It relies on sensors, software operations, and execution systems to give feedback to the senses.

Illusion: A scene that is based on reality but is higher than reality, violates the laws of physics to some extent, and is surreal and delicate.

VR glasses are all headsets. Wearing VR headsets allows us to enter an unreal world visually and gain an immersive experience spiritually.

If VR is to bring people to the mysterious unreal world, AR is to help people better understand the real world and get immersive experience from it. The naked eye can no longer satisfy the extent of people’s view of the world, AR, as its “augmented reality” name, makes reality more real.