What’s the difference between a wireless projector and a software projector? Which is better?

In daily life, we can use wireless screen projector and software screen projection function, so there are many users will wonder what the difference between the two, today Xiaobian will take you to understand what is wireless screen projection, what is software screen projection, and the difference between the two.

What are the differences between wireless screen projector and software screen projector?

The wireless screen projector belongs to the hardware product category. Insert the wireless screen projector into the USB port of the mobile terminal and press the button of the screen projector to carry out the screen projection. All the screen projection operations are on the screen projector.

Software screen projection software is usually pre-installed on the mobile device with the screen projection function, such as.exe files. You can install the screen projection client and ios Airplay image on the mobile device, and run the software on the mobile device to perform screen projection.

Generally speaking, the screen projection software is software decoding, and the wireless screen projector is hardware decoding.

Two, wireless screen projector or software screen which is better use?

Screen projection software has certain limiting factors on the device. First of all, the receiver must be a smart device (such as smart TV, smart projection); Secondly, you must install the same projection software as the projection terminal. Finally, both the push terminal and the receiving terminal should be connected to the same Wifi signal, provided that there is a wireless router.

In contrast, the wireless screen projector is relatively simple to operate, whether it is a non-smart TV, projection, computer monitor, or even car navigation, as long as the display device has an HDMI port to plug into the phone screen, no need to connect to a router.