Which scenario is the wireless projection screen suitable for

Smart conference room wireless projection screen

Based on the enterprise-class meeting scene, the wireless projection screen of Betjie enterprise meeting room can realize the wireless projection screen and screen sharing of mobile phones and computers, so that users can avoid the tedious wiring operation during the meeting. Meanwhile, the system supports the connection and integration with the third-party intelligent office system, providing customers with more intelligent and convenient office services and improving work efficiency.

Smart classroom wireless projection screen

Bijie smart classroom wireless projection solution is based on BYOD interactive teaching application scenario, realize the wireless projection and screen sharing of mobile phones and computers, so that teachers and students can more flexible and convenient wireless projection demonstration of courseware and teaching content, so that teaching more vivid.

Wireless projection screen in hotel rooms

Betget Hotel room wireless projection solution adopts secure and encrypted wireless projection transmission protocol, specifically for the hotel industry to provide mobile phone, computer wireless projection and screen sharing, so that guests can avoid tedious wiring operation, video episodes or games on the mobile phone to the guest room TV screen for large screen play. One to one screen scanning code binding device, prevent mobile phone miscasting, to ensure the privacy of guests.

Commercial advertising machine wireless projection screen

The integration of traditional advertising machine and wireless projection screen is the development trend of the information distribution industry. The wireless projection solution of Bijie advertising machine solves the flexible transformation of the traditional information release system to the intelligent information release system, supports the flexible wireless projection screen of smart phones and PCS anytime and anywhere, the content update of advertising machine can also be updated in real time, and the temporary advertising spots become possible.

Smart display wireless projection screen

The smart display wireless screen projection solution is mainly aimed at LCD and LED screen manufacturers, and provides wireless screen transmission solutions such as AirPlay, Miracast, DLNA, and Googlecast. It also supports the same screen display through a wired USB connection, which can easily transform a small screen into a large screen.

Bijie mainly provides an overall implementation scheme of wireless/wired screen projection SDK, which is convenient for hardware manufacturers to quickly implement the wireless screen projection function of display devices.