Why does the wireless projection screen fail to connect?

Some small partners reflect that when using wireless projection screen, there will be a connection failure, what is this? How to do if the wireless projection screen connection fails?

1, determine whether the computer, TV, mobile phone is in the same WiFi network, the prerequisite requirements of the screen software are in the same WiFi network, and the screen is no exception, so check your network quickly.

2, determine whether to support the screen function: the general smart TV, mobile phone is support DLNA or AirPlay function, if you use is not support the screen function, it can not achieve the screen transmission.

3, determine whether the device is connected correctly: Generally, there will be more than one or two mobile devices or other smart devices under the same WiFi, then you have to check whether the two devices to establish a connection are the devices you want to achieve the same screen.

4, ensure the quality of the network: if you do not want to affect your normal screen, it is recommended to use smooth WiFi, not easy to break the network, not easy to card the screen.