Why is the mobile projection TV failing? How to solve it?

The failure of the mobile projection TV may be due to unstable network or router. Try to replace the network or restart the router. It may also be that the device is not in the same wifi, the device is not in the same wifi is unable to screen; It is also possible that the screen projection function is not turned on, or the TV does not support it. So check whether they are in the same version of the same network name right WiFi, it may be the current software does not support screen projection, or it may be because the TV does not support DLNA or AirPlay.

Here’s why mobile projection TVS fail:

1, some configuration in the phone is wrong, just reconfigure it. Or if the phone is not in the same LAN as the TV, you need to check whether the phone and the TV are connected to the same wifi. If your phone is 4G and your TV is wifi, it will not be able to show the screen.

2, even if connected to the same WiFi, some software due to copyright and other considerations, shut down the screen projection function. You can try to download the corresponding third-party screen projection software on your mobile phone, and then try again.

  1. If it is your first time to cast the screen and you find that you cannot cast the screen, it may be because your TV is not equipped with the corresponding DLNA or AirPlay function, so you cannot achieve the screen casting

Solutions to the failure of mobile projection TVS are:

  1. Make sure that the TV and mobile phone are connected to the same network to avoid the situation that the TV is connected to WiFi while the mobile phone uses traffic or uses another network;
  2. If the TV screen projection function is turned off, the user can enter the TV general setting – multi-screen interaction function and turn on the screen projection function again. Note: Different TV brands will have different screen application names, such as Xiaomi is “wireless screen” function;
  3. If the player does not support screen projection due to copyright limitation, the user can download and use the third-party screen projection software for screen projection;
  4. If the screen projection fails, the HDMI cable or HDMI port may be damaged. You can replace the cable with a new HDMI cable and try again.