Will mobile projection TV reveal privacy

As far as the mobile projection TV itself is concerned, there is no privacy leakage problem! However, in the mirror projection mode, the content displayed on the mobile phone is synchronized and mirrored with the big screen, so we still need to pay attention to avoid the trouble caused by the mobile projection TV. After all, it is also true to see a large social death scene on Douyin when one forgets to turn off the screen in the middle of a meeting.

The essence of mobile projection TV

Miracast, Airplay, DLNA

Mirror projection: The mobile phone image is mirrored to the TV through Miracast (Android image) and Airplay (Apple image), and the TV only acts as a synchronous image display without recording playback on the TV. However, it should be noted that some privacy information on the mobile phone will also appear on the TV screen when the mirror screen is displayed. It should be noted.

DLNA screen projection: The DLNA screen projection is equivalent to telling the TV with the mobile phone that I want to play this TV program, and then telling the URL to the TV, and the TV will play the TV program in the link address. The mobile phone is just like a remote control here.

Tips: In public places, users need to pay attention to the protection of privacy, do not disclose the password and personal private documents in the state of the screen projection, although the TV screen projection will not record private data, but also to prevent others to steal personal information.