How to wireless display laptop to TV?

Laptop wireless display to large screen is generally used in business meetings, through professional meeting display equipment, such as wireless display box, business projector, etc. But if it’s home screen projection, for example, how to display the laptop wireless screen to the smart TV? Today, I’ll share it with you.

Notebook direct display to smart TV (no equipment required)
Hardware preparation: one laptop for windows 10 system; one smart TV; one wireless router (under the same WiFi wireless network environment).
DLNA push protocol for notebook wireless display to TV operation:

First, connect the wireless WiFi of notebook and TV to the same WiFi.
Then, in the notebook, right-click the picture to be displayed on the TV, and then click the play to device option – TV.

Then, a small window will pop up to play to the device, and wait for about 30 seconds according to the prompts in the window.
Finally, after waiting for about a minute, the pictures in the notebook are display on the TV.

For many TV playing software (client version) on notebook, such as Xunlei video, right-click on the playback interface to display “DLNA / widi playback device selection”. After clicking, the TV model ID will also appear, and then click “connect”.
DLNA push advantage: good fluency; however, today’s smartphones do not support DLNA.