In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology in China, wireless display technology, which has been limited by the network before, has also made rapid progress.

Wireless display equipment is through wireless transmission technology, after connecting WiFi, it can achieve screen casting, real-time operation and other functions. Gradually, wireless display has become an indispensable part in the work.

Wireless display vs wired display

The first advantage: get rid of “wire”

One of the advantages of wireless display compared with traditional display is to get rid of the limitation of wires and make the meeting room more tidy and orderly.Participants no longer need to worry about the same as traditional display. When changing their own display, they need to switch the cables and connectors again, which inevitably leads to mistakes in busy time.

The second advantage: free demonstration

With the continuous progress of wireless display technology, especially with the emergence of reverse control function, now we have been able to conduct a convenient and quick demonstration on our own computer and mobile phone when we are in a meeting.

The third advantage: real time sharing

Wireless display can quickly connect devices in the same LAN. We can easily control the screen casting, and realize one to one, many to one, and one to many display schemes.

The fourth advantage: improve work efficiency

What is the most important thing in work? Efficiency! Meeting is the most common and inevitable thing in work. Meeting efficiency is very important. Wireless display not only saves the preparation time before the meeting, but also saves a lot of time in the meeting.

In the traditional meeting, different speakers use their own laptops, and they need to change their laptops frequently when they do wired display. However, we don’t need to worry about these problems when we use wireless display. After the last speaker finishes, the next speaker can follow immediately, which is more efficient.