Wireless Screen Projection – Win10 System Wireless Screen Projection to TV Method

  1. Firstly, connect the computer to wireless WIFI;
  2. Connect the TV to the same wireless WIFI network;
  3. Enter the TV application and select the wireless display function;
  4. After clicking on the wireless display, a wireless display will appear, and the living room is waiting for connection;
  5. Next, operate under the Win10 system, open Windows settings, and click on the system;
  6. In the system, click Show;
  7. In the display, under Multiple Display Settings, click Connect to Wireless Display;
  8. The semi transparent black gray option pops up on the right, and you can search for a TV (model) under the same network;
  9. Click Connect to connect;
  10. The default is mirror projection, and you can choose to change the projection mode. From top to bottom: Disconnect replication; Extension, the projected TV end can be used as an extension screen, and you can move media files to the extended desktop by default; On the second screen only, the laptop or WIN tablet will have a black screen or not display, and all content will be displayed on the TV side (the screen being projected).
  11. Right click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the PC and select to open the volume synthesizer;
  12. Select the TV sound card as the default sound card, and PC audio will be converted to TV audio.