Wireless Screen Projection – Wireless Screen Projection SDK Integration Solution

After launching wireless projection products and integrated solutions with the wireless projection SDK, Bijie has quickly gained recognition from various well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and educational institutions.Successful cases include, but are not limited to, the use of Bejie’s wireless projection transformation scheme in the collective meeting room of CNPC Ruifei, the use of Bejie’s wireless projection solution in the 58 local national 2000+conference rooms, the integration of Haier’s smart set-top box chip with Bejie’s wireless projection technology, and the integration of BOE Technology’s picture screen products into Bejie’s wireless projection technology;More cooperative users include Jingdong, MCC Group, PetroChina, Accenture, COMAC, Meicai, Osram, Suntrust, Jingyeda, Ruijie, etc.

Program features:
  • Integrated with AirPlay protocol, Apple iOS and Mac OS intelligent terminals can mirror and display on the same screen;
  • Integrated with Miracast/WiDi protocol, Android and Windows10 smart devices can use the system’s built-in screen projection function for screen projection without the need for software installation;
  • Integrated with the DLNA protocol, video website apps such as iQiyi, Youku, Tencent, and YouTube can use the “TV” screen casting function for screen sharing;
  • Integrated USB wired projection screen, connected to Android/iOS smartphones through USB data cable, can achieve wired mirror projection of smartphone screens;
  • Integrated with Googlecast protocol, using Chrome browser for image/file projection;

At present, the wireless screen projection solution launched by Bijie has been officially commercialized. Solution providers using wireless screen projection solutions can quickly integrate wireless screen projection functions, reduce development cycles, and reduce development difficulties.

Advantages of Bijie Internet Wireless Screen Projection SDK Solution:
  • Full protocol adaptation: can provide AirPlay, Miracast, WiDi, DLNA, Googlecast, USB wired, BJCast (private) protocols

  • Comprehensive integrated interface solution

Provide a complete set of SDK development toolkits for Bijie’s screen transmitter, receiver, and platform, facilitating user integration for secondary development.

Sender SDK:Android Sender SDK、iOS Sender SDK、Windows Sender SDK、Mac OS Sender SDK

  • Windows can provide C/C++interface or JS interface, C # interface
  • The MacOS platform can provide C/C++interfaces or JS interfaces
  • The Android SDK provides C, C++interfaces, or aar interfaces
  • The iOS platform provides C, C++, and Object C interfaces, and has the ability to call iOS Airplay or iOS screen recording

Receiver SDK: compatible with Android, Linux, and Windows systems