Wireless screen to see the World Cup, more cool and wonderful!

The much-anticipated 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is in full swing. It is a carnival for football fans all over the world. However, due to the small screen of mobile phones, poor viewing experience on mobile phones, and the lack of live streaming resources of smart TV sets, it is undoubtedly a better choice to project the screen of mobile phones to the TV. In addition to enjoying the wonderful stimulation of the big screen, you can also share with your family around you or even distant friends, so that the game is no longer a carnival of one’s own. It’s fair to say that screening sports has become a popular way to watch the World Cup.

Android phone screen projection method

  1. Wireless display

Android phones also support wireless projection function, generally speaking, no matter which brand of mobile phone, in order to ensure that the phone and the display in the same WiFi conditions, in the Settings – network and connection, click more connection, you can see the wireless display options, and then click to match.

  1. MHL wired connection

Of course, there are Android phones that support wired connectivity, and MHL Wired connectivity is actually the name of the HDMI phone version, but since Android 4.4, support for this feature has become increasingly rare, and it’s hard to even find a phone that supports MHL projection.

  1. Software projection screen

Of course, in addition to using the mobile phone system’s own screen projection and wired screen projection, we can also choose to use some software to achieve the screen projection function. If you have a Mi TV at home, the screen projector is a good choice. In addition, there is also a lot of software to choose such as the Bijie screen.

IPhone screen projection method

For iPhone users, there are two common ways to present the screen:

  1. Airplay

Using AirPlay for wireless projection is obviously the most convenient. To ensure that the phone and the monitor are on the same WiFi, we just need to call up the iPhone’s Control center, click the AirPlay option, and then select the device to connect to complete the screen projection.

  1. Wired connection

If you need a more stable projection, try wired projection. However, compared with wireless projection screen, the cost of wired projection screen may be higher, need to buy a separate transfer cable.