At present, there is a trend of polarization in wireless screen projector. The price of consumer level (household) is called “cabbage price”, and the price of professional level (meeting and teaching) is relatively high. Is wireless projector really convenient?

Scenario 1
Your mobile phone, tablet and computer can be connected through the wireless projection collaboration system. What makes you feel convenient is that you don’t have to let your employees take adapters anymore, because the company’s equipment is enough for them to use at will, so mobile tablet computers can be easily used.


Scenario 2
When you use the wireless projection collaboration system, you can lose your line. You don’t have to worry about using a large box to load the line, and you don’t have to worry about the long connection time affecting the conference process, because it only takes a moment to connect, and you can cast the screen from the small screen to the large screen.

Scenario 3
During the meeting, you can project multiple devices to the projector together. You can choose to connect one by one or use two devices together. In this way, you can communicate with others intuitively, compare and collide to get better results.
During the meeting, if you have any ideas and conclusions, you can immediately annotate the current screen through the real-time annotation function. At the end of the meeting, you can easily save the electronic version of the meeting by scanning the QR code elegantly. The most real situation left at this time can also easily recall those inspirational collisions and wonderful moments when you recall later.