How to use Airplay on Android Phone?

Yes, it works, but it doesn’t work the same way on iphones. Android phones need to download the AirJoy app to help solve this problem.

The AirJoy app brings pictures, videos and music from your phone to the big screen. Real-time presentation, no data line, wireless remote control multi-screen interaction. Current mobile terminal support: Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone, iPad. Large screen end support: Android set-top box, Android smart TV, Windows PC, Apple computer. Since it is compatible with the airplay protocol, iPhone and iPad users do not need to install a client to play.

Airplay streams video, audio and pictures from devices such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a third-party authentication device using WiFi, which is fundamentally different from Bluetooth wireless. Airplay is essentially a “language” from device to device! In ios 7, Airplay is controlled in the control center, which is usually invisible if there is no Bluetooth device or Airplay device connected, so many friends may have questions about why Airplay function is missing. The following is a brief description of the methods used.

Tools/Ingredients: iPhone, Airplay device


  1. The Airplay option appears in the Admin Center when an iPhone is connected to a Bluetooth headset:
  2. Click the Airplay icon to open the list of options and switch output devices:
  3. If you have the Airplay function provided by Apple TV or other third-party software, you can also find the Airplay option in the Control Center and select the corresponding output device:
  4. Here, take the software Airplay provided by iTools as an example, click and select iTools:
  5. You can also sync the entire screen of your iPhone to your computer by turning on the “mirror” switch and clicking the “Done” button in the upper right corner:
  6. You can see that the Airplay displayed in the control center has changed from the previous Bluetooth headset to iTools