A lot of valuable meeting and presentation time is sacrificed to setting up. Whether that is due to figuring out how to screen mirror by connecting with an app, finding the right dongle or adapter, or with other hardware hang-ups, there is a lot of time wasted.

BiJie wireless display device unlike any other wireless presentation solution on the market. It is the only wireless display receiver that allows you to mirror your presentation from any device in one-click. It does not require apps, cables or adapters, making it effortless to share and collaborate over content. It uses the built-in wireless display technology already available in your favorite devices so screen mirroring is not as limited as with other wireless display offerings.

The best device for wireless presentations meets all of the following expectations:

Creates a standards-based wireless connection between the source device and the room display or projector without requiring an app or dongle.
Makes it effortless for users to connect.
Makes it easy for both employee and guest devices to connect simultaneously without compromising security.

Provides a flawless wireless connection so users have a great experience.
Allows instant, seamless switching between presenters without interrupting the presentation.
Allows for IT teams to manage and configure devices remotely over the network instead of manually troubleshooting on-site.